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D-A4VSO variable piston pump

D-A4VSO variable piston pump

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Jiangsu Qidong
  • Brand Name:  Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Qidong City, Texas
  • Model Number:  D-A4VSO

product manual
D-A4VSO pump having a pump with low noise, small size, good self-absorption capacity, high reliability. In the closed system applications, when the pump variable piston pump has a zero-bit general phenomenon tray, with the exception of D-A4VSO pump effectively solve such problems, because the charge pump, the pump can be cascaded control, the control valve can be integrated in the pump cover, its structure is very compact; In addition, the ratio pumps are closed with a displacement sensor feedback loop, its zero position control accuracy is very high.
Widely used: the metallurgical industry, forging industry, shipbuilding industry, military vessels, etc. fields. Constant production of D-A4VSO series specifications 40,71,125,180,250 :; variables in the form of constant voltage, constant power, hydraulic, load-sensing, proportional, servo, pressure and flow compound control form; there are open systems closed system pump and the pump.
Features a, swash plate axial piston variable pump b, pump flow is proportional to pump speed and displacement c, by adjusting the swash plate angle to realize stepless variable d, rated working pressure up to 35MPa e excellent suction characteristics, the choice of long-life, high-precision bearings f, with compact design, light weight, low noise characteristics g, hydrostatic balance to improve life slipper h, sensitive control response, with swash plate angle indicator

  • Place of Origin:  Jiangsu Qidong
  • Brand Name:  Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Qidong City, Texas
  • Model Number:  D-A4VSO
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