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D-A10VSO variable piston pump

D-A10VSO variable piston pump

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Jiangsu Qidong
  • Brand Name:  Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Qidong City, Texas
  • Model Number:  D-A10VSO

Product Features:
a, swash plate structure for open loop hydraulic axial piston pump b, flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement, and by adjusting the swash plate angle stepless variable c, ISO / SAE standard mounting flange d, in line with SAE flange connections Metric or UNC fixing threads e, there are two housing vent hole, good suction performance f, allowing continuous operating pressure of up to 28Mpa g, low noise, long life h, can withstand the axis of the drive shaft and radial load to i, a high power / weight ratio, a wide range of various forms of control j, control response time is short, with through shaft structure, housing for multi-loop system.
Note the choice of working oil when
In order to choose the correct hydraulic oil is necessary to know the relationship mailbox fluid operating temperature (open circuit) and ambient temperature.
Hydraulic fluid must be selected to ensure that within the working temperature range of viscosity of fluid in the optimal range (Vopt) (shaded member selection diagram). Recommendations are made in each case as high viscosity grades.
Example: at an ambient temperature of X ℃, the working fluid temperature is 60 ℃. In the optimum operating viscosity range (Vopt; shaded area) has a corresponding inner VG46 or VG68. Should be selected VG68. Note: The effect of pressure and speed of leakage oil (case drain oil) temperature is always higher than that of the pump and the oil-mail. However, the maximum temperature anywhere in the system should not exceed 90 ℃. Oil filters: Oil cleanliness of the working fluid filtration The finer the better, the longer the life of the axial piston pump.

  • Place of Origin:  Jiangsu Qidong
  • Brand Name:  Hydraulic Co., Ltd. Qidong City, Texas
  • Model Number:  D-A10VSO
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